The Curiosity

The Curiosity, by Stephen P Kiernan, is an amazing book. It’s right up there with The Time Traveller’s Wife and The Night Circus. You haven’t read The Night Circus yet? Go read it. Now. Then we can talk.


In The Curiosity, a dedicated geneticist has her morals challenged by a scientific discovery. She knows that reanimation of tiny creatures is possible, if only for a very short time. But when this science is applied to a human, when does science end and humanity begin?



Winter Reads for 2012

It’s been a rainy and windy west coast winter, and we’ve been reading lots! From a dinner guest who won’t leave (There But for the by Ali Smith) to a preist’s murder in an underground New York S&M den (Heat Rises by Richard Castle), there are many ways to escape the winter weather.